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Ambitious Visioning: The CORE Ecosystem Service Program

Updated: Sep 13, 2020


This is a living document. So, think of this as a transparent guiding service document. One that will change and be modified as Research Impact Enterprises (RIE) evolves over time in a local, national, and international setting. We are vision driven. Our motto "Do Your Research, Impact the World" embodies the services we provide to, with, and for others (e.g. institutions, individuals, faculty, organizations, companies, and agencies). Hence the name of this document, Ambitious Visioning: The CORE Ecosystem Service Program.


Impact, individuals, and institutions are interconnected and vary in dimension. An entity that aims to work in and bring these aspects together to benefit a global society must think, operate, and provide value differently. This resulted in the development of the "CORE" program.

The Core Academic Research Impact (ARI) and Research Impact (RI) Ecosystem Service Strategy or our "CORE" Program houses the central services that we provide. It is at the heart of what we do and where all current, upcoming, and future initiatives, programs, activities, collaborations, etc., are developed from and based upon.

Through this CORE we intend to unite a relatively siloed ARI and RI community, showcase these these varied RI and ARI community international practices, create a robust RI and ARI market, and provide value-added services for others locally, nationally, and globally.


This CORE service program enables our clients to create and sustain impact research micro- or macro- systems. These systems allow for the maximization and acceleration of successful ARI and RI endeavors. As and when these systems interact they generate ecosystems that become very robust resulting in more success, impact, and benefit in life and business.


There are Five (5) major service categories offered through the RIE CORE. A description of these service theme areas are summarized below. Each of these five major service themes can be provided separately or in combination with one another per individual, group, unit, or institutional request. Meaning that we develop a specialized value-added portfolio with each client through these service themes.

We anticipate that these service themed areas will become full units within RIE, entities functioning under the RIE umbrella, or become new separate entities or businesses. Our aim is ambitious so currently we are strategically focusing and developing out our services in each service theme area by utilizing an "initiative-opening" and "client requested" business model.

Note: Some services associated with specific themes may not be currently available due to reaching client capacity and Covid-19 negotiation.

For more information on the entire program or a specific service that would be provided through a service theme area, please email us at

Service Theme 1. Assessment and Evaluation

Work with institutions, individuals, units, and research offices to asses the current state of their research impact progress and help them develop a plan with key performance indicators (KPIs) and other evaluative strategies to move forward in achieving their goals.

Figure 1 below aligns a logic model (LM) with a standard KPI mechanism as an example. The figure below is taken from the website. RIE integrates business intelligence with ARI and RI Strategic Intelligence and Action. Figure 1 begins to show this integration.



An important thing, especially a trend or fact that shows or identifies that one is having some progress toward an intended result. KPIs provide ways for determining strategic and operational improvement, create an analytical basis for decision making, and helps focus one's attention on what matters the most. Mainly through a process of identifying targets.


Figure 1. The Basis Features For Integrating Business, ARI, and RI Strategic Intelligence

What is ARI/RI Intelligence? ARI/RI Intelligence is a set of ideologies, methodologies, processes, platforms, applications, architectures, and technologies that allow the ability to apprehend and transform the interrelationships of presented realities and raw data into meaningful and useful information that enable more effective strategic, tactical, operational insights, decision-making, and actions to benefit and not harm others through research and its related features.

Service Theme 2. Organizational Research Impact (RI) Culture

Migrating and moving from an "Internal" to an "External" Academic Research Impact (ARI) culture can be very challenging. We help clients successfully utilize a culture change model to drive movement for the achievement of productivity and results as they transition their focus to become more ARI "Externally Centric" organizations.

If requested we can use this model in combination with other models and strategies to help organizations and research offices address systemic racial imperfections, Figure 2.

Figure 2. Culture Change Theory

Service Theme 3. Impact Education and Training

Education and training is an important component for achieving a Return on Impact (R.O.Im.) for others as well as receiving a Return on Investment (R.O.I.) if applicable.

Therefore we empower and educate our clients on how to identify, engage, and maximize their impact, why this is important, and what this means for their institution, themselves, others, and society through our Academic Research Impact (ARI) Ecosystem Training. This is the basis for RI and ARI Strategic Intelligence and Action briefly mentioned above in Service Theme 1.

For example how to think, use, and navigate ARI Ecosystem Theory in Figure 3 to enhance one's impact in "real time" for "real world" scenarios. We also can use this model to contextualize and help others facilitate the many global nuances of RI.

Figure 3. Academic Research Impact (ARI) Ecosystem Theory

Service Theme 4. Collaborative and Collective Academic Research Impact (ARI)

Functioning as a thought partner we collaborate with organizations and societal members to help our clients manage, maximize, accelerate the impact of their research and affiliated endeavors. We do this in through four (4) main areas.

Most of our current, upcoming, and future endeavors can also be specifically contextualized and connected to the four (4) areas provided below in Figure 4.

Figure 4. RIE Solutions

Service Theme 5. Business and Economic Development Acceleration

As a RI Accelerator, we will always look for and aim to help our clients develop excellent Research Impact (RI) and/or Academic Research Impact (ARI) value propositions (VPs). In helping our clients with these VPs develop - we will assist them in finding support and moving their endeavor into the greater society. This theme is highly connected with the Service Theme 4 concerning start-up and new business initiatives.

Theme 5 embodies and integrates Preformation and Postformation business implementation. An example of Preformation development for scientist entrepreneurs has been taken from and is provided in Figure 5 below. We use frameworks that allow us to implement these preformation and other postformation aspects for broader and more diverse audiences.

Figure 5. Preformation and University Spin-Off Aspects

For more information please contact us via email at


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