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Helping You and Your Business Move Forward

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Developing a business and becoming economically prosperous is hard. Doing it with limited funds or resources is even more difficult. In times like these it can almost seem impossible, especially if no one is there to provide the support needed at the time when it is needed the most. This is why we started the SRS initiative.

Below we have provided answers to the "twelve (12)" of the most frequently asked questions about this new service. Currently we are in the pilot stage and are only taking 3-4 more clients. Want the pdf version click here.

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1. What Is the Purpose of the SRS Initiative?

To provide business economic development services for the low-income and under-resourced (low- to middle- income) individual.

2. Who Needs the SRS Initiative?

Not every business idea will become a profitable business. However, those who get or have support at the right time are more likely to succeed in their business endeavors than those who do not.

The low-income and resourced, on many occasions, struggle to find the support they need to live and typically do not have the network of support systems to develop viable businesses or increase economically in general. Because of this and without equitable intervention the "have-nots" tend to get less and the "haves" get more. This leaves the low-income and resourced individual at a significant disadvantage.

This service is for low-income and/or resourced individual who wants to develop and sustain a business as a means for economic mobility and to make an impact in the lives of their families, others, and their communities. But they do not know how to move forward and successfully operationalize their idea.

3. Who Is This Service Not For?

Those who do not like, love, or are willing to read and learn new things. It is also not for those who are looking for a magic pill to make their business an overnight success.

4. Why Is the SRS Initiative Needed?

Many times, if you are low-income or low-resourced you have additional pain-points that complicate your ability to start, think through, and operationalize an idea that is both profitable and impactful.

Current services that are free to you or that you can access do not provide the tailored services that you need to move forward.

Those who charge for these types of services on many occasions: can either not relate to you or you cannot relate to them; may not be able to appreciate what you have been through so you do not feel valued; or some may even see you as an outcast.

They are also too expensive for your budget. Meaning, even if you went to them one time and liked the support, you could not afford them on a regular basis.

We can relate to you, we value you, our fees are small, and we will work with you and your budget. Meaning that you can afford us for the short and long-term.

5. How Does the SRS Initiative Process Work?

We help the low-income and resourced achieve their business economic success through a whole-person long-term approach. This is done by:

A. Having a conversation. We have a free 1-hour Zoom or potentially a phone meeting. Feel free to have kids around, etc. We do not believe that your day-to-day life should be hindrance for you.

During this initial meeting we find out about your likes, dislikes, wants, family, hindrances, why you want to develop a business, if we click (e.g. a right fit with each other), what we can do for you, and next steps if we decide to work together (i.e. amount of time thought needed, payment arrangements, concerns, contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements [NDA] immediate needs, etc.). We also provide one-time meetings, but these are limited in duration and amount and we charge per meeting time.

B. Next, we begin to meet and start to have consulting, coaching, and strategy Zoom or phone conversations. We call this the honeymoon phase. No two individuals and ideas for businesses are completely alike or work in the same fashion. So, while providing support we will try different approaches and ask for feedback to find out what methods and style of communicating work best for the client to help them achieve their goals.

C. Through establishing check points, targets, timelines, reflection activities, tech platforms, answering questions, providing documents and guidance when necessary, moral and strategic support, different methods of accountability, and plans for action we establish a trusting and effective client relationship as we help them develop a viable and successful business. We call this stage maturity.

D. We continue doing so until the client decides they no longer need our services or that we no longer feel we can add value. Please keep in mind that throughout this entire process clients are free to cancel at any time.

E. After our last meeting we may ask you to refer us to a friend and will check-in on you and your business, and may provide additional tailored advice from time to time free of charge.

6. What Will My Life Look Like Once My Problems Are Solved Through the SRS Initiative?

Although we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with all our clients, here are the comments that they have allowed us to publicly provide about their experiences thus far:

"By participating in this SRS initiative and receiving advice, strategy, tools, reassurance, encouragement, and help we (e.g. the client) feel: morally supported, less anxious about our business endeavor, empowered, have plans for intelligent action, and see that our professional and personal economic business goals are starting to get accomplished as we work with SRS to help make our business become a success".

7. What Makes the SRS Unique and Different From the Rest?

Those of low-income and resources form communities and bonds to ensure their survival. They develop ways of knowing, working, and communicating (i.e. bartering) to make a living and do what they can to be successful in this world despite apparent obstacles. So, the SRS is unique in three ways:

First, we will work with the whole person, their families, and communities to ensure client success.

Second, the person who will be initially leading this endeavor is from a low-income and resourced background. He understands the issues, problems, and unique challenges our clients may face every day, (i.e. like drinking powdered milk, eating government cheese, having a diet of cucumber sandwiches or canned food, and working three jobs so that rent can get paid on time). Meaning that he can relate and provide strategy, help, tools, and insight in this area because he has lived it.

Third, our prices are very reasonable for those with limited funds or resources.

8. What Is the Price to Participate In the SRS Initiative?

$25.00 per hour.

9. What Are the Current SRS Services Provided?

Vision and Mission Development

Basic Market Research Analysis

Basic LinkedIn Networking and Lead Generation

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Development

Business Plan Review and Development

Commercialization Plan Development and Strategy

Thought Partnership, Idea Generation, and Business Strategy

Business Team Building Strategy and Development

Basic Marketing Development

Business Timeline Development

Basic Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

Assistance with Establishing a Network for Your Business

Individual, Goal, and Business Accountability

Whole Person Alignment and Preparation For Business

Special Services:

Research, Documentation, and Other Provisions That are Needed and/or Requested

10. Why Should You Believe Working With the SRS Initiative Can Help You Become Successful?

Among his many other accomplishments, the person leading, directing, and initially working with clients through this endeavor has opened-up and led several ventures such as cleaning, heating and cooling (e.g. hvac), engineering, and educational consulting company.

He has also had an experience in the rental business and growing a company from 1 to approximately 300 people. He has had roles as a Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

He has trained and consulted with several others to help them develop and market their businesses and start-ups. He has also provided some consultations for large companies and organizations concerning education and patents for revenue generation.

After years as an entrepreneur he decided to gain some experience in academia. During this time, he took on several roles and held many responsibilities. For example, as senior staff and an administrator at a large university he worked with individuals and faculty and many bio-related companies to develop academic-industry partnerships. During this time, he also served on a number of biotech and for-profit committees as well gained experience being on a non-profit board.

Presently, he is the Head of Research Impact Enterprises (RIE) and the person who came up with the idea to start and implement the Strategy and Research Services (SRS) initiative.

To ensure the success of this program and in addition to his Council of Advisors, he plans to expand and build a SRS team. There will also be a website developed and other economic help provided as this endeavor is moved forward.

11. Where Are We Physically Located and What Are SRS Hours of Operation?

The hours we meet reflect our current client’s schedules who are piloting this service (e.g. clients who immediately wanted to test and use the service while providing us feedback on what we could modify to make their experience exceptional for them and others).

Weekends seem to have worked best with their schedules. So, most of our meetings have been happening on the weekends.

Currently we are only taking 3 - 4 more clients. In the future we will begin to provide services at large scale and determine standard meeting days and hours.

At this time, we are providing all services virtually. In the future and if you are local, we may provide hybrid in-person and virtual services depending on the pandemic outcome. We imagine that they will be held in a library or a space within walking distance from the client’s residence.

Our business address is: 2100 N. Eastern Ave. Suite 8L, Moore, OK 73160

12. How Can I Learn More and Be a Part of The SRS Initiative?

Email to find out more and set up an appointment for your first meeting. Please put SRS in the subject line of your email so that we may direct your email to the appropriate individual.

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