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Updated: Oct 25, 2020


Research Impact Enterprises [RIE] Notes, Updates, Research, Opinions, and News (NURON) provides: a diverse look into the many areas of impact as it relates to research, scholarship, creative activity, art, faculty, institutions, funding, diversity, business, and mentorship; a variety of other insights, tips, and thoughts from us and others; highlights and interviews of people doing amazing things in the impact domain; notifications of relevant local, regional, national, and international events and; information about current and upcoming RIE initiatives.

RIE is a multi-dimensional company based on connectivity and a vision to ultimately create and have a vibrant and robust Research Impact Culture (RIC) that equitably benefits all members of society. We passionately embrace this, it's our creed, our way of life. We call it the Research Impact Lifestyle - RIL for short and pronounced like the word, "real".

So, one of the phrases we like to say is, "Get RIL"!

RIE was officially recognized as a company January 1st, 2020. Since January and through the pandemic we have been partnering, collaborating, planning, developing, evolving, innovating, and growing one connection at a time.

The NURON is one of the things we've developed and we are very excited about this endeavor. Not only is the NURON meant to be informative and add value but it is also a reflection and expression of our multi-dimensionality!

We hope that you will stay tuned-in for more, connect, and grow with us, this is just the beginning!

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Michael Thompson M.S. Ph.D.

Head of RIE

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