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New Zealand: Impact Through Culture Change Series

The Impact through Culture Change webinar series is an ongoing, online, and free event series provided by the Office of Research Strategy and Integrity of the University of Auckland.

The University of Auckland defines Research Impact as the “the contribution that research and creative practice makes to society, the environment, and the economy.” Research Impact looks and operates differently across disciplines, and can happen quickly or take a long time, but always reflects the mobilization of research into the world beyond academia.

There is no single best institutional structure to deliver Research Impact. It operates at all levels of an organization and across multiple job roles. However, impact is less likely to be achieved if its delivery is treated as the responsibility of one person, team, or area of provision.

A healthy impact culture requires institutions to identify meaningful ways to connect research to the world and put in place the infrastructure and organizational culture (knowledge, skills, resources, structures) needed to deliver it.

The ‘Impact through Culture Change’ seminar series will focus on the achievement of impact from the perspective of organizational change and the important role senior leaders can have in affecting this change. We have invited academic leaders and experts to share their experiences and the challenges they have faced when leading impact in their organizations.

To our next event of the series we have invited Dr Kara Scally-Irvine (KSI Consulting) to talk about the collaborative effort across NZ’s seven Crown Research Institutions, building ‘evaluative’ capability across their organizations and ‘turbocharging’ the impact of their work.

Turbocharging Impact – Building Capability for More Impactful Science Across NZ’s Crown Research Institutions

Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Date: Monday August 24, 2020

Previous events of the webinar series:

The first 'Impact through Culture Change' webinar was held on Monday July, 6th 2020.

The first guests were Dr Andrea Byrom, Co-Director, and Melanie Mark-Shadbolt, Director Māori, Biological Heritage National Science Challenge. They shared their experiences and the challenges they have faced whilst leading impact within their organization.

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