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Online, hosted from Cape Town, South Africa

June 23 - 25, 2021, To register click here

The Annual Impact of Science Conference

In the past year the world has become more visibly depending on science than ever before. At the same time the credibility and legitimacy of science and the international scientific community have faced increasing battles under the troubling times of the past year. This crisis has shown light on the extended need for inclusive economic development, and effective assessment of what works and what doesn’t, on top of ever growing issues such as climate change, poverty or inequality. Thus, this year’s Impact of Science conference will focus on The Transformative Power of Research and brings together science impact professionals to discuss how to evaluate and increase impact of science on our global society.

This conference is featuring highly regarded and internationally recognized experts who will be discussing the contribution of their research to the quality of life and well-being. The conference expects over 350 participants from more than 30 countries. The entire event will be online, hosted from South Africa to ensure that everyone has access to the conference, regardless of the obstacles the pandemic has cost to meet in person.

Some of the themes that will be discussed:

  • Advancing a research impact agenda for inclusive development

  • Models, approaches for the development of a research impact agenda

  • National impact evaluation frameworks

  • Demonstrating effectiveness of impact on the SDG’s

  • The role of AI and Big Data

  • Promoting coherence about impact within the science eco-system

  • Collaboration & engagement for impact of science

  • The road towards evidence-informed policy making


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